Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Some soviet era advertising posters

I collected some Soviet era posters, for the urban areas of my scenery. 
They are resized and gathered in a pdf doc. 

For modelling use I'll print them, cut them out and give them some uneven structure for the edges ( a ligther works well). Than I glue them with white glue. I always glue both sides, the poster itself and the surface, as this gives me some options for wrinkles and waves.

Side shot of my appartment building with a test poster

Back in Business - Apartment Block, First Miniatures

After my holiday I started to built an Apartment Block.
A WIP Picture. First Paint job, didnt like it. Size is roughly 40 cm width, 20 cm depth, 25 cm height
Due to stability, only the ground level will be playable

Front view current status. Still not finished. But appart from the picture it looks quite good :)
Side shot
 Rear view, some windows will be added

 The interior is also WIP. Much more rubble and some details missing.

 I also started to paint the first Miniatures. Also WIP in this picture, but finished them yesterday. Just some more weathering, in form of dirt and dust.

Love this miniature. My absolute favorite so far. 
Every miniature from this range has so much character in my view. You really imagine a own story for every single figure while painting it. Really awesome

Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Gasstation finished

Just finished painting the scratch-build gasstation.
Again the pictures are really disappointing, but they will get better soon when I have access to another camera.

 fallout style.

again its fully accessable, interior is still missing

The gasstation is made mainly by 3mm Depron some spare windows and some bits. I'm quite happy with the result as it was build, like I most of the time do without measuring and scaling. But as you see its siced really well in my opinion.

Montag, 1. September 2014

Current WIP

I'm currently working on a gas station

and the next car: an UAZ 450

Joinery store

This building is mainly based on a H0 engine shed by Vollmer. I bought it in good condition on a peddlers market in the area for 2€.
I removed all the loco stuff inside and added a a floor made from polystyrene as the building didnt have one. I removed some small bits which shoved the real purpose of this building. I went for a fast paintjob for which I used the hairspray method again, like I did with the IZH before.

This is how the shed looked before.
 Again I'm showing how bad my photography skills are. A Side view. Added a portal.
 Aerial view with some fixed interieur. Some more rubble will follow.
 View through the entrance.
 Side shot.
 The rear. A poor little soviet grafitti.

 Another sideshot with a quick&dirty air condition
The applied roof. Important for me will be that every building is fully accessible for game purposes.

First car finished: IZH 2715

The fate of this project started when I visited a local odds store. In the toys corner of the shop I found some abandoned DeAgostini Soviet Diecast cars in 1:43 Scale. I bought three vehicles for 2,49€ each, as the poor rest were 1990's busses which seemed way to big for 28mm figures. For my suprise the three cars I bought fit really well.

I just painted one of the cars that day. Sorry for the bad pictures. Really have to work on it.
The brand new car.
 After some open-air time

 The other side. I really made a mistake with cutting the tyres. For the next time I'll definetly heat them to bring em in form.
Lead Adventure Miniatures for Scale

A short background

12 months after the Chernobyl disaster the world lies in ruins. 90% of world's population is wiped out. The others fight for their survival – or are not theirselves anymore. What's more most biological life on planet is obliberated. Planet Earth's mean temperature decreased about 12° Celsius and daylight seems to be gone.

Most vastnesses of earth's surface are covered with fallout and radiation resistent diseases spread around while most people died. The magnitude of the chain-reaction from different catastrophes can't be overviewed anymore. Global communication is disruped. Everybody who is still alive tries to stay alive.